The Benefits of Indoor Skating

Indoor skating popularity has risen according to the USA Roller Sports which is the national body governing competitive roller sports in the US. One of the factors that contribute to the popularity of this game is the media exposure over the past few years. It has been noted that once the participants have a game the media would cover the event hence making it popular. Other skating gamers include roller skating, ice skating and some people consider skating to be much risky and dangerous. Although it also has much advantages. It involves extreme speed and exposure to adverse weather especially those done on areas covered by ice.

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Each and every game has positive and negative sides and despite the disadvantages skating may have, it must be at least important in life.

Here are some of the benefits of indoor skating.

Source of a living – just like all other jobs in the jobs industry, this is a source of living to many citizens. There are people who specialize and go to school to train exclusively for skating and later venture into the sport to earn a living that helps them to support their families. Most participants earn a lot of money and their salaries are even better than those doing other jobs.

Aerobic exercise for fitness – skating is believed to be among the top aerobic exercises according to the AHA (American Heart Association) and also the President’s Council on Physical Fitness. It is a game that involves almost all the muscles of the body and more so the heart. Skating also helps the major muscle groups i.e. the glutes, abdomen, quads, calves and arms, which is according to the National Institute for Fitness and Sports. It is almost equivalent to prolonged jogging and also bicycling that helps in cardio workout.

It is an exercise that can be done during leisure time as this exercise involve up to hundred people and regular trainings for skating may find you in a group of new friends doing the same thing. Some of the people in your group may be going for fun, music and socializing but if you keep in mind the sole reason for taking the skating exercises then you will see the benefits in your body and health.

Weight Loss – skating involves a lot of body exercises that helps to burn the stored fats in the body hence aiding in body weight loss. During a skating exercise a lot of calories are burnt and this is a major benefit to individuals who are big bodied and want to avoid chances of obese. The individuals taking standard indoor skating exercises experience up to six hundred calories burn within just an hour. Therefore, it is a sport and exercise recommended for people willing to lose their body weight.

Mental uplifting – skating also helps to keep the mind active and functional. During the exercises, a lot of concentration is required and this aids in jogging up the mind and keeping it alert. The fact that you can see a person rolling and skating at the same time between lights and music is enough evidence that the skating exercises improves and builds up the mind and body health.